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Wednesday, November 7, 2001

A perfect Fifa2001 goodbye patch
After the success of the Spanish version of the Argentinean Apertura 2001 patch (over 1500 downloads in 2 days), it is now available in English at The English version of this patch is fully compatible with Sweetpatch MRA and it will make you doubt whether or not playing Fifa 2001 isn't fun anymore.

After the release of the very famous 2GK kits, Ariel investigated a bit more, and guess what he found?? 3GK Kits! The 3GK Kits were released with the Argentinean patch "Argentina Express 2.5" over at Until now, was only available for the Spanish speaking audience, but things have changed now with their international site,

After the success of the 3GK Kits, Ariel investigated a bit more and guess what he found? 4GK Kits! Now, what exactly are the 4GK Kits?

You can see the starting line-up of Xavier's favourite Argentinean team, River Plate (in this case: Comizzoo, Lombardi, Ayala...). Well, lets say that you're playing the whole Argentinean league and that Lombardi suffers an injury. Next time, your team starting line-up will change. Well, guess what? The mini pictures will change too! This is not just a screenshot, these are 11 mini pictures that appear in the starting line-up and that show the pictures of the players that are in your team, like in a real TV Broadcast!

Download this amazing super patch at their Download Zone. The patch was designed to work with the English language and it includes the original crowd and a non-hexedited stadium to avoid game crashes. The patch has been released in three parts:

  1. Main files of the patch
  2. The mini pictures of all the players of the Argentinean league
  3. Sound Edition 2.0 (hear Argentinean commentators celebrate the goals)

A perfect Fifa2001 goodbye patch. Download it from their Download Zone in "Fifa_2001/Leagues" section. Also, watch out for the 2GK kits for Fifa 2002, coming soon at
Posted by Dave  | Have Your Shout |

Sunday, November 4, 2001

Time To Repeat Myself
As I just wrote in the Downloads Centre, I'm running out of FIFA 2001 files, and soon I'll start uploading FIFA 2002 files as well. But I still have this update for you guys:And be sure to check back for the last FIFA 2001 files.
Posted by Jakob  | Have Your Shout |

Saturday, November 3, 2001

The FIFA 2001 Files Keep Coming
Today I have updated the Downloads Centre with the following FIFA 2001 files:
  • Las Aguilas del America 3GK 01-02 Home & Away Kits (screenshot), FC Groningen Home & Away Kits (screenshot), Olympique Lyonnais 3GK Champions League Kits (screenshot) & Vitesse 01-02 Home & Away Kits
  • AC Sparta Praha Stadium
  • Egyptian Channel 2 TV Logo & Red Ball TV Logo (screenshot)
  • Everton 01-02 Away Goalkeeper Kit (screenshot) & USA Flag Kits
  • Mexico 3GK Home & Away Kits (screenshot)
Click to enlarge.. Click to enlarge..
Sparta Praha Stadium & Vitesse Kits

As always, check back for a few more FIFA 2001 Updates.
Posted by Jakob  | Have Your Shout |

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Just a Bit More
Today we have a total of 9 FIFA 2001 files for you:
  • Lokomotiv Moscow 01-02 Team Patch, Manchester United 01-02 Team Patch & Spartak Moscow 01-02 Team Patch
  • Egypt Premium League 01-02 Patch
  • FIFA 2002 Crowds (screenshot)
  • Arsenal 3GK 01-02 Home, Away & 3rd Kits, Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara 3GK Home & Away Kits (screenshot), SK Sturm Graz 01-02 Home & Away Kits (screenshot) & Galatasaray Away Kit
Click to enlarge.. Click to enlarge..
Arsenal 3GK Kits & Egyptian League Patch

Remember to check back for a few more FIFA 2001 updates.
Posted by Jakob  | Have Your Shout |

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

FIFA 2001 Is Still Breathing
I just found out that I have enough FIFA 2001 files to do download updates for the next 3 days. Which means that the day FIFA 2002 is released (worldwide), I wont have any more FIFA 2001 files. Now isn't that ironic? Anyway, let's take a look at the files uploaded today in the Downloads Centre:
Click to enlarge.. Click to enlarge..
Premier League Flags & Newcastle United Kits

Remember to check back tomorrow for another FIFA 2001 update.
Posted by Jakob  | Have Your Shout |

Thursday, October 25, 2001

FIFA 2001 Updates To Continue
Even though FIFA 2002 is just around the corner and we're all busy updating FIFA 2002 Online, this site will continue to function. There may not be as many updates as previously, but we'll still continue to bring you all the FIFA 2001 related news and downloads.

For daily updates though, be sure to bookmark the brand new FIFA 2002 Online.
Posted by Matt 

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