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Health Conscious Summer Grilling

It is time to break out the grills. The summer months are here and parties are popping up everywhere. This is a great time of year for those of us that are trying to watch what we eat. Health conscious Summer grilling is actually a very diet friendly way to prepare meals. Parties and summer outings are fantastic for helping people that need to be more active and also watch what they consume.

Winter brings holiday seasons that tempt us all to eat fat filled holiday treats. Summer is a much friendlier season for those of us that have to diet. This is the time of year when most of us are trying our best to fit into a decent swimsuit and not feel like a whale. We work out all year to try and maintain bodies that we consider attractive.

Summer is the big payoff for all that hard work. With very little effort we can keep our meals healthy and exciting. Here are a few of my favorite healthy grilling tips to keep food interesting and good for you. You might want to try a few on your next outing.

Preparing The Grill

This tip alone can save you so many calories. It is very important to prepare your grill so that the foods you place on them cook evenly and do not stick. Most people go about this by painting a bit of oil across the grill. Some will even oil the meat they are about to put on. This adds many calories that are completely unnecessary.

After cleaning your outdoor grill, give it a very light spray of non stick cooking spray. Sprinkle a generous amount of sea salt over the it just after you spray it. There are a wide variety of salts available for cooking. You might want to click here to view some options. Next sprinkle some very course pepper over it. This will keep your meat and vegetables from sticking to the grill while giving it some added flavor. It also keeps the oil off of your food and allows it to do the job it is meant to do. You will end up with a very tasty meal with less calories and fat.

Choosing And Preparing The Food

Extra calories and fat can be an issue if you do not consider what goes into preparing your food. Marinades are great for meat but they can add so many unwanted calories to those of us that are health conscious. A perfectly lean cut of beef is wonderful for dieting but, when you add a bottle of oil filled dressing as marinade it becomes a dieting nightmare.

Consider using this simple trick for all meat that you intend to grill this Summer to keep your grilling healthy. Cut pieces into appropriate portions and run each one under tap water just till it is wet. Sprinkle finely minced fresh herbs over each side of the meat. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the meat and herbs and place on sea salted grill. Your meat will be full of flavor and as healthy as can be.

Vegetables are also easily turned into calorie disasters by dipping them into oils or filling them with cheese. This year try dipping fresh vegetables into pickle juice just before putting them on the grill. Cover all of them with a generous amount of course black pepper. You will be amazed at the way the pickle juice and pepper bring out the fresh taste of the vegetables. Choose this over butter or cheese and you will save so many calories and so much unwanted fat.

Break Away From White Bread And Buns

This tip may seem a bit harder than others but, it is only a matter of making a few smart choices. Read all the labels on breads you consider purchasing this Summer. Only buy breads that are made of whole wheat or whole grains. This single tip will save you considerably.

Another way to make your menu more interesting is to totally break away from bread. Consider using rice treats or chilled wheat pasta and top them with your favorite grilled meat and vegetables. Spice will give you taste without the calories. Skip butter and use your lightly wet fingertips to help moisten the bread so the spice will stick.

Grilling Sweet Fruits

Summer is no time to skip on sweet treats. There are so many healthy options available that there is no reason to walk away from the picnic bench after the main course. Fresh fruits are available in abundance at all local grocery stores. While most of us make use of these wonderful fruits, few of us consider them for grilling.

Surprise your friends this summer by purchasing some extra large strawberries and apples. Slice them into large portions and sprinkle them with low or no calorie sweetener. Add them to your sea salted grill and let each side cook till the fruit becomes just a bit soft. Spoon them on top of rice cake treats and add a bit of non fat topping to each for a treat that will bring smiles to every face. This treat is healthy yet it tastes so good you would never know it.

I hope you enjoy these tips this Summer. No matter what shape or size you are, it is always a good idea to watch what you eat and choose sensible foods for your grilling adventures. If you enjoyed this article, consider clicking here for more of my ideas.