A Few Reasons You Should Own an XBox 360

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Although I do not own an XBox 360, my brother owns one, and I have been impressed with the games I have seen on this system. And while I think that the PS3 has even more to offer, I would have to say that the XBox 360 would be a better bargain considering it has some of the same features as a PS3.

So If you are not prepared to spend $500-$600 for a gaming system, the $350 XBox 360 is definitely for you-and for other reasons besides the price.

1) The Games: Since the XBox 360 has been around somewhat longer than the PS3, it has had a chance to develop a variety of interesting games including Grand Theft Auto.

The gameplay and the graphics is just awesome and is just a good as the PS3 which is more expensive and have a limited selection of games at the moment. There is even a service that lets you design and produce your own games that you can even sell for a profit!

2) Media Entertainment: I would be tempted to say that you can watch movies on the XBox 360, but that would be an understatement. You can not only watch regular DVD movies, but you can also stream movies online and watch television programming through the Windows Media Server.

There is also an option to record video content as well. You can also rip music from your game console or stream it from your PC and take photos and store it on your XBox 360.

3) Video Camera: Although it does not have all of the capabilities the EyeToy has, you can still use it for video chat and to record photos and video.

There are no games for this device at the moment, but do you reall care?

The XBox 360 allows you to play games online as well as download and purchase extra content such as games, bonus content, and possibly movies too. You can chat while playing the game or play multi-player games with friends or online. The XBox Live also allows you to produce your own gaming content and publish them to other players online.

The Nintendo Wii has an online feature, but it lacks other feautures I expect to see from a computer console. And because of that (and the still cartoonish graphics), I will pass this sytem up. I might consider buying one for my kids instead of just myself; and I am not quite sold on the Wii controller as a ‘health’ benefit either.

There a plenty of reasons to own a XBox 360 as opposed to the PS3-or even the Nintendo Wii. This console has plenty to offer for the price and can be enjoyed by the young or old alike. You can consolidate all of your entertainment into one living room (since tv will be going digital next year anyway). And heck, I might even break down and purchase one myself.

Finally, if you’re still in doubt about the XBOX console, the best way to see if it’s right for you is to just rent it on Gamefly!