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Welcome to FIFA2001.com – an ode to one of my favorite sports games (enough with qualifications – best game!) of all time. As a young one, I was playing games and funding my college night outs with tournament competitions inFIFA 2001, and previous versions of FIFA.

Eventually, I became very good at it and competed in FIFA competitions (unbeknownst to my parents who though I was studying how to be a good Christian boy at my university). When in fact, I was travelling in different parts of the country to participate in competitions like this one featured in BBC.

If only I was born a decade later, I might have become a real professional and making big bucks like these guys and gals. I never foresaw the explosive growth of eSports.

Today, I live a good Christian life in glorious Batavia, Illinois and a proud owner of three Gamestop stores.

Here’s a picture of one of them:

My goal is to help the young ones about the best way to play games and perhaps do a little self-promotion by getting some foot traffic at my Gamestop store in great Illinois.

This site aims to produce easy-to-follow reviews and articles on how and where to buy games online (although the best option would be for you to visit us in good, ‘ol Batavia, Illinois). I am to write easy-to-read and more importantly easy to understand words in our reviews and how-to guides.

I also hope to do some walkthroughs and actual gameplay. We’ll see. For now, fill out the form below if you wish to learn more about the glorious city of Batavia or perhaps you’d want to start a Fifa team to compete for those e-sports millions!