Little Big Planet for PS3: A Video Game Review

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Game Play:

The game starts with a doll-sized creature, which you can design to look like anything from a sack doll to Snake from the metal gear solid series. Little Big Planetps3 is completely based on the physics of the surroundings and that’s what makes it so interesting.

You don’t just get to interact with your surroundings in a defined set of ways rather you can push, pull, drag, run and do much more with the stuff around you.

Races and Arenas:

This is not just your assassin’s creed type exploring the awesome graphics type of game but instead little big planet gives you a chance to race and challenge your self and your friends in this infinitely interactive environment.

The stage and levels are as vast as your imagination… didn’t get it well that’s the best part about Little Big planet, because here you get to make your own stages with unique objects having different responses from different characters, paths and obstacles to complete and only the maker knows what not also you get to design you very own race thus the only limit to this game is your imagination.

Race Winning:

The races are also not your typical type first finish win game instead there are many obstacles which are kept during the whole thing so that the best player isn’t the one who finished first but the one who finished in the best way.

So don’t think about dodging and ignoring your obstacles since that will lead to nothing.

Multi Player Game:

Oh yeah it is also not always a single player game, you can even play it in cooperative mode isn’t that sweet… So if you get in trouble somewhere your buddy can give you a hand when you need it the most.

Objects and Effects:

Now this “MIGHT HAVE” gotten boring with the same objects to use again and again to make different stages but in little big planet you can even change the status or should I say the condition of the objects.

You can set them a fire…

You can keep them ice cold… Brrrrrr

Or you could fill them with electricity,

so that when your friends come in contact with the object they get what they rightly deserve for challenging you… I have been saying objects over and over again but what do I mean by them… Well… these objects are materials of any shape that is wooden material, sponge material etc which react with the character accordingly.


When you collect all this stuff like wood and sponge etc, you use it to make new things, so in a manner of speaking you are the architect of you own world. Have fun making all those weird and amazing things at the same time and don’t slow down since there will be lots coming.

Little Big Planet Networking:

Well if you’ve been in on the whole Little Big Planet game since its announcement in the summer conference of 2007 then you might already know all this and you would also know about its network gaming plan.

The little big planet game was more precisely designed to be enjoyed with friends rather than playing alone and thus it allows you to share all your characters and stages with your friends also you can challenge them on your own terrain or their terrain… So this is your chance to say “I challenge thee to a duel” or was it thou… anyways.

Grading Stages:

There is also this nice thing about little big planet that I wanted to mention and it is that you will be graded amongst your friends or group based on how much they like the stage which you created so here is a chance to increase your numbers.

So what are you waiting for, get your hands on one of the most highly expected, The next big thing and the most interactive game in recent years, as soon as you can… If you still haven’t, then at least check it out on Gamefly.