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People submit articles to Associated Content for any topic under the sun that the human brain can think of, from news, to shopping, to movies. It’s a great way to make side income and make money on your video game passion.

When I started out on Associated Content I wanted to write about topics that interested me. With that in mind I wrote some articles about some of my hobbies such as fantasy football, watching sports, and my number one time waster — video games!

(Make it rain cash baby!)

Gaming has become a huge money maker in the business world and though many people still look down on the market as goods and services for the socially deprived, with the technology and imagination of game developers there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between video games and movies anymore.

People read or watch movies to escape reality for a little while and try to experience something different then they never could in real life. The big benefit that video games have over media such as movies or books is that you actually get to control the action and personally tailor the experience to what you want to see happen. Games of every type of genre exist, so the player is free to explore any world or activity they can think of.

Millions of different people from all walks of life burn their spare time with video games everyday, in every corner of the world.

Now that my little ‘video games aren’t just for geeks’ rant is over lets look at the different ways you can actually take video games, and write some articles that tons of people will want to read and make you a boat load of performance views when you post them on Associated Content.

Reviewing Video Games

People love reviews for some reason. Somehow reading what someone else thinks about something gives you the feeling that you better or better not try something. It is the same way in video game land. When a new game comes out there are hundreds of sites that will race to put up their review of the game so they can attempt to influence the internet population into seeing their perspective.

Writing video game reviews is a good idea for Associated Content, especially on hot releases, because millions of people all over the world will want to read them, it is just the nature of the beast. I would suggest video game articles do so well because the younger generations are so used to finding everything the want to know on the internet.

(What’s even better than writing about video games – reviewing them on video!)

Add in the fact that video games are especially popular to the younger generations, although there are older generations who still play, and you basically end up with billions of searches about video games a day. Play some games, post your review of the graphics, story, presentation, audio, gameplay, whatever you can think of, and I would be willing to bet you would get some decent views, especially when the game is newly released.

If you really want to rack up some views early, wait for the big title games to come out and get your review up as fast as possible. Series like Halo, Fable, Gears of War, World of Warcraft, etc., would be your best bets. If you know anything about video games you know what franchises are the big name franchises, review them fast.

Achievements and Trophies

Microsoft and the Xbox 360 started it, Sony and the PS3 copied it but either way achievements and trophies are an excellent marketing strategy. These additions to the gaming world give players reason to go back and complete games more than once, or at the very least add hours of playtime to a game by trying to achieve and unlock certain tasks within a game for points.

Now while these points don’t really mean anything, gamers can boast the achievements and trophies or even the number of points they have sort of like a gaming resume. Have a ton of points? You must be a good gamer. Not all players buy into this theory, but the marketing benefits remain obvious.

Simply listing the achievements or trophies for any given game will get you some page views, but if you really want to up the ante write some articles describing exactly how to unlock the achievements as well as some gameplay tips on how to do so and your page views will probably increase even more, especially if you write about hot, new release games.


I remember back in the golden age of video games, that would be the Nintendo and Super Nintendo era, where you had to find your own way through a game. If you ended up getting stuck, too bad for you, you better figure out how to get past whatever you were stuck on. With the emergence of this thing called the internet in the last few years (sarcasm) players can just log onto the web and figure out just how to get through games.

Not only can they figure out how to get past the hard parts, they can find guides that hold their hand and walk them through an entire game. There are millions of searches run looking for walkthroughs everyday, so if you have the intestinal fortitude to actually sit down and write an entire walkthrough then you should be able to get a good amount of page views out of it too.

My biggest piece of advice for writers who want to go this route and submit articles based on walkthroughs is to break the walkthrough out into parts. It would be nice to write a 70 page walkthrough for Mass Effect 2, but if you break it into ten seven page articles, you will take advantage of the way Associated Content registers its page views and you will earn a higher Clout rating. The higher your Clout rating is the more you get paid per 1,000 page views, and that means more money for you.

Just make sure that when you publish your walkthrough and break it down into smaller pieces to include links to the other parts of your walkthrough so viewers have an easier time finding the entire walkthrough you have written. Any game can have a walkthrough written about it, but the best games to write them on are non-linear games that include multiple decision paths through out the game. Good examples of games like these would be Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Character Builds

Character builds are one of my favorite articles to write when it comes to video games as there can be such a variety to choose from, especially when you discuss MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online. A character build is a specific way to customize a character in those games which allow it. You can select different skills, statistics, weapons, talents, etc.

Character builds are most often in both offline and online role playing games, although many action games these days have been adopting the customization aspects of gameplay as well. To write articles based on character builds, you would be best off discussing anything pertinent on how to build a character from level 1 all the way up to the max level whatever game your discussing is allowed.

Talk about anything that makes your particular build the best. Topics can include the best race for a character, the best skills or spells, the best equipment, anything that will make your character stand out from all the rest. As usual, always select the hot games at the time. In the case of MMORPG’s, try to select character builds from games with the highest amount of players, which right now would be World of Warcraft. The best thing about character build articles is that you can take a single character and write multiple articles on the different ways they can be developed during gameplay.

World of Warcraft for instance has different classes, and each different class has three separate and unique talent trees to select talents from. Each tree represents a different form the game can be played in, be it player versus player combat, high level dungeon raids, or even solo play. Try to pick a class that you enjoy or have a great deal of experience with, and then try to think of all the different ways the character can be played. Each way you come up with is another potential article that you could write that someone on the web will want to read.

Cheats and Exploits

For whatever reason, people always seem to be interested in cheats and exploits. I guess I can understand the saying that “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.” but I just don’t understand why someone would buy something and then want to rush through it right away.

Anyway, if you can find out some cheat codes or ways to exploit a game’s internal logic I am sure you would get some great page view statistics out of it. The only real trouble you have to look out for with cheats, not so much exploits, is that many cheats in current games will disable trophies and achievements.

The developers are smart to not grant players these bonuses when they use cheats, but if your reporting them to the known world you would be safe to mention that little piece of information in your article, otherwise you might get some bad reviews or complaints. Cheats can be hard to find by themselves as they are usually different button combinations input at a certain time during game play, but exploits are much easier to find.

Anytime you find a good way to make some extra in game money, or a great leveling spot, or some sort of dialogue tree loop, you could write an article not only detailing how to do it, but also on what you gain, what you might loose, or how it will effect the rest of the game.

Many games contain some sort of exploit or tip like this, look hard enough and I am sure you could find something to do a write up on.

What You Need to Succeed as a Video Game Content Creator

If you’re looking to be a content creator for video games, you’re gonna need to play lots and LOTS of video games. Unless you’re independently wealthy, buying every game that comes out is no option. One option is take a job at Gamespot (I’m hiring cashiers!). If that doesn’t appeal to you, check out a rental scheme like Gamefly (or if it ever comes the Gamespot rental scheme). If you’re in Alaska, you can even find a Blockbuster in your local area.

If renting is an option you’re considering, definitely check out what I have to say about Gamefly. Happy Gaming!