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Overlord was overlooked when it was released in 2007 for the PC and Xbox 360. The game hopes to do better with the Playstation 3 port (released in 2007). Is Overlord: Raising Hell worth the year-long wait for Playstation 3 gamers?

Find out in this hand-on preview of the game, which is available for sale at your local Gamespot store or for online rental/purchase.


Your minions have revived you, their great evil overlord. Your predecessor was killed and your castle was decimated by seven so-called heroes. It is your job to reclaim the land again by commanding your minions to victory.


Since it is basically a port of a 2007 game, the graphics aren’t as impressive as it used to be. The fairy-tale artwork in Overlord: Raising Hell remains excellent, however. Unfortunately, the frame rate is a little too choppy to appreciate the looks.


The music is good but it is the excellent voice work in Overlord: Raising Hell that really shines. The voices are humorous and add a lot of personality to both the story and gameplay.


Overlord: Raising Hell is eerily similar to the Pikmin games.

You control a small group of minions to do your biddings. You can get minions from spawning pits. The more life-force from fallen enemies you get, the more minions you get to summon. They help you fight, move object and access areas you couldn’t.

There are four types of minions in your command. Brown types are the best fighters of the group. The blue ones can swim and revive other minions. Red minions can deal with fire. Finally, the green kind will backstab enemies and get rid of dangerous poisons.

These small creatures will help you accomplished your objectives of rebuilding your tower and defeating the heroes that killed your predecessor. Each time you bring something back to your tower, you will gain new abilities and better stats. For example, you gain a fire spell when you first bring back a Tower Heart.

Rebuilding your tower in addition to improving your power as an Overlord is fun and addicting.

The game controls in the following ways:
Left Analog: move overlord
Right Analog: move minions
L1: put camera behind the overlord’s back
L2: lock on target
R2: send minions
Circle: call back minions
Square: cast spell
X: have overlord attack
By also holding L1 and moving the right analog stick, you can move the camera.

Final Product

Once you are done with single player, you can play the online and split-screen multiplayer modes in Overlord: Raising Hell. The game also includes all the downloadable content from the PC and Xbox 360.

Overlord: Raising Hell is a strange but addicting game. If you give the game a try, you won’t be disappointed. The game released in for the Playstation 3.

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