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Silent Hill Homecoming, the sixth installment to the Silent Hill franchise is sure to be an amazing game. After all it’s one of the highest selling horror games of all times, and was released at the perfect time of the year.

On September 30, 2008 tons of horror video game fans flocked to their local GameStop to purchase this amazing game, which you can now try out on Gamefly.

While I wasn’t one of the many to purchase the game on the first day of release, I was one of consumers to head out and find the local movie rental store. Movie Gallery was my rental store of choice, and it happened to have just the game I wanted to try out; Silent Hill Homecoming. Just like any gamer I rushed home and threw the game into my Xbox 360 to give it a whirl.

Honestly, I was instantly hooked on this game after playing the first 15 or so minutes. It centers around Alex Shepherd, a soldier from the special forces division that returns home only to find his brother and father are both missing. Not only that, but there are monsters running around his home town of Shepherd’s Glen, and people are going missing at a frightening speed.

Graphics amp; Audio-

Simply put, the graphics of Silent Hill Homecoming are amazing. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned, but I know that graphics in a video game aren’t everything. However the graphics of this game are some of the best I’ve seen in any game or system. Just like the graphics, the audio in Silent Hill Homecoming is great.

As you are creeping around the town and seeing its many monsters and people you have to rescue, you will become more involved in the games horrifying storyline. This games audio is so great that you will swear that something is trying to sneak up behind your character while your checking out a clue or solving a puzzle.


Like most games out there today, Silent Hill Homecoming has many great gameplay features for players to enjoy. The combat system in this game is just like that of past Silent Hill games, or even Resident Evil games, which is a bit of a let down. However the HUD system in Silent Hill Homecoming is pretty nice, your health is displayed when pressing the start button or when in combat.

Again, like most survival horror games these days, there are many puzzles in Silent Hill Homecoming, most of which are easy. In fact, the very last puzzle in the game I figured out without even using any of the clues. The thing is though, these puzzles add tons of fun to the game, whether they’re very difficult or not.


In terms of creativity, Silent Hill Homecoming isn’t all that special. It’s a survival horror series and is therefor compared to Resident Evil and such all the game, neither games take that extra time to add that extra creativity to make it shine. Only one thing about Silent Hill Homecoming strikes me as creative; the storyline.

While others may think this games storyline isn’t very complex, or non-original, I thought the game’s storyline was pretty interesting. There are four different endings available, and you access different ones by making choices in the game; such as whether or not to save Alex Shepherd’s mother.


What makes a survival horror game fun? Monsters, and everything else that roams the night of course. This game features plenty of different creatures, and a hand-full of bosses that take some brains to kill. You will find it very fun to run around town looking for secret weapons and clues if your into exploring, and if you have a thing for blood and gore- Oh, you’ll find that also.

Overall, Silent Hill Homecoming is a very intensely fun game- I highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys a good scare. For those of you that already have the game, I hope enjoy the Silent Hill cheats. Have fun!