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Tales of Vesperia is a Japanese RPG, although not particularly mind-blowing, it has all of the spectacular components to a great RPG. It is a wonderful instalment into the tales series and definitely one of the top RPGs on the Xbox 360 console.

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In this epic tales title you start as an 18 year old boy named Yuri Lowell, a restless youth living in the lower quarter of the Imperial City of Zaphias who’s brief life with the imperial knights of the capital leaves him embittered by his own government’s corruption.

When a shady thief takes the lower quarter’s aqua blastia, the device that provides clean water for the people, Yuri has no choice but to get it back. Little does he know that this is only the beginning of a large adventure of intertwining tales.

Ultimately, Tales of Vesperia is quite well developed but the story is not all that different from what we’ve seen before.

The plot is the usual that we have come to expect from a lot of JRPGs and especially the tales series itself. Surprising events do happen throughout the game to keep the story kicking but they are not all that mind-blowing.

Don’t get me wrong, the story is engaging and has enough depth to keep the player interested, but it isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before.

However, most underachieving story moments in the game are made up for by a diversely unique cast of characters who quickly become very loveable and fun characters.

Your party will eventually cap at 7 wonderful members to chose from. This number of cast members is definitely around the normal amount of characters in the RPG category, but a lot of the time a game can easily fail at portraying each characters individual backgrounds.

This game does exactly the opposite, every character is very well developed to fit the story as well as there individual background stories.

This game truly excels when it comes to its in game “action”. The battle system is amazing, much like Tales of Symphonia, it consists of you running into see able enemies on the map where you then control your chosen character along with 3 NPCS on the battlefield with you. You may chose skills outside of battle, learned from weapons that you can equip, which will improve your characters abilities in battle. Each character is able to defend, do main attacks and learn and use many abilities which are called Arts.

Yuris Arts mainly consist of agile sword jabs and spins, whereas the magical Rita’s Arts range from a simple fireball to a TV screen filling tidal wave. This games diverse battle system is one that will keep you satisfied for literally thousands of battles. This was the main gem in the game for me personally.

The game is nicely by the artwork and soundtrack. The cell-shaded games have always been a favourite of mine and this one is done quite nicely. Although it is not as detailed , as lets say, the final fantasy series, the beauty of the graphics show how tasteful the simplicity can be.

The compact layout of the city’s are honestly a bit disappointing but it was probably a conscious decision by the creators to shift the focus of the player to the outstanding game play and enjoyably sized story.

With a good soundtrack and a wonderful fantasy environment, Tales of Vesperia keeps the player addicted to the amazing game play and overall enjoyability of the game.

Although ToV in no way elevates the JRPG plateau it definitely succeeds in being a way more than average RPG. With over 60 hours of game play and some extremely addicting battles this game delivers more than enough bang for the buck.

I Would Definitely Give this game an 8.5/10