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With so many gaming options for purchase or rent, one requires a standard to assess which title is worth more than another. We only have limited time to play one game at a time.

We all know about the big titles, like COD, Halo and of course this one:

Everybody is waiting for game developers to release the perfect FPS multi-player game for Xbox Live. In my opinion, here are some aspects that would make an FPS game perfect.

1) Fast Matchmaking times– Nobody wants to spend up to ten minutes trying to find a game to play in. An ideal game would have extremely fast matchmaking times to make the game more enjoyable.

2) Customization– Having the ability to design your own camos for your guns or the ability to design your own sights on a gun.

3) Gun Shop– Think of a shop that you can go to from the in-game menu that doesn’t have guns that you can buy but parts of guns. It has a collection of different parts of guns such as stocks, barrels, magazines, bullets…etc. All of the parts could fit together in some way to form a gun. The possible number of guns you could build would be in the hundreds or even thousands. This would definitely add to the variety in the game, making it last longer.

4) Constant Updates– Every week or so the game developers could release new content into the game such as maps, perks, or parts for the gun shop.

5) NO Hacking– Hacking in games just makes them annoying to play. It probably would take a long time to hack-proof a game but in the end it would be worth it.

6) New Game Modes– New types of game modes on top of the most popular such as Team Deathmatch or Domination. One new game type could be Search and Rescue ( One team has to recover a hostage or package from the enemy team. Once they gain control of the hostage or package they then have to bring it back safely to their base. Two rounds and whoever wins both is the winner)

7) New Spawn System– A spawn system that doesn’t completely screw up some game modes. For example there could be some computerized spawn system that doesn’t just spawn players in set locations but spawns them in locations that doesn’t get them killed and lets them get back into the action quickly.

8) Realism– A game that isn’t too real but also doesn’t have extremely unrealistic aspects. For example, being able to toss a grenade 100 yards or being able to survive a shotgun blast from point blank.

9) Skill-based Ranking System– A ranking system that you don’t just rank up by getting the required amount of experience. There could be a set amount of experience you have to get before you rank up but also there could be a skill level you have to reach before you can rank up. The skill level could be based on your performance in games. This would really separate the good players from the bad ones.

10) Vehicle Balance– Vehicles that aren’t indestructible would be ideal. For example a tank that explodes when shot with 2 rockets instead of 27 or a helicopter that explodes when it is runs into the ground instead of a helicopter that can ride on the ground like a humvee.

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