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Battlefield: Bad Company is a shooter video game which I recently rented from Gamefly for the PS3 (Playstation 3.

Of course the PS3 is not the only console it was released to, the X-box 360 also has a version of Battlefield: Bad Company.

The best aspect of the game is its multiplayer online game or actually: games. One can join up with other players or log on solo and be thrown into a squad of other players and run around almost fully destructible environments trying to either blow up some crates of gold or defend them from being blown up; depending on whether you team is currently on attack mode or defend.

There is also a game mode in which you battle the other team for strategic positioning on the game map ala securing and capturing a series of flags and planting your own in that location. The team to get all of the flags wins. Battlefield: Bad Company is loaded with neat weapons and vehicles to wreak havoc with and blow opponents to smithereens.

However, this warfare is not all fun and games when it comes to strategy and the overall experience. For every sweet moment where you time a rocket launcher just right into a buggy as it zoom by, causing it to erupt into flames and flip down a hill, there are moments when you just get completely annoyed. Nine out of ten times when something is annoying in the game it is the same reason you might get annoyed in the regular course of a day in reality: interacting with other people.

Here are the top five annoying things about playing Battlefield: Bad Company online.

5. SOUND ON AND SOUND OFF – In Battlefield: Bad Company you have the ability on the PS3 to use a Bluetooth headset to communicate with your squad as you battle it out. However, like on all games there will always be that one person who holds down the talk button and just sings, whistles, shouts profanity in weird voices, or forces you to listen to their radio as it plays the Macarena.

A person has the option to turn off the sound on their television to avoid these children or children-like entities, but this can cause issues for you in the game. During game play, amongst all of the crystal clear sound effects of bullets and bombs are instructions being yelled out; information.

If there is a killer behind you, you may get a warning that there is “someone on your six.” There are also helpful warnings about tanks and snipers. The biggest annoyance with having people not using their sound on the television ends up being when you play as a “support” character capable of dropping mortar rounds on a target.

You use your little weapon device and send bombs flying down towards your target and then watch as your own teammates rush to the spot and let themselves get blown up, costing you points and them their lives.

Sometimes this is the support guy’s fault, but many times it may be because someone isn’t paying attention or does not have the sound on. If a teammate is sending a mortar strike into an area and you are standing in said area a voice will shout a warning, all you need to do is move.

4. CAMPING SHOTGUNNERS – Players that use sniper rifles in Battlefield: Bad Company have to earn their kills with a bit more work, thus they understandably will camp in one spot and line up shots from a distance. However, there are several powerful one hit kill shotguns in the game that people will use and abuse.

What gets really annoying is a sissy using the one hit kill shotgun and running in circles around a spawn base, just shooting opponents as they re-spawn into the game.

Generally this means they are defenseless and come into the game just to go right back out. Actually shot gunners aren’t the only spawn campers, a kill is a kill in many ways, but this type of kill seems to be the one that most are going for. These people tend to be the ones obsessed with online stats and trying to look like they are good at the game.

Perhaps it is pointless to gripe about shotguns in the game, you can miss with them, but it is very obnoxious that every other time I die it is only because the other player was using the one hit kill shotgun.

3. BLOWING UP MINES AND C4 – Battlefield: Bad Company gives you the chance to set land mine traps for armored vehicles to roll over and explode. Also, the game lets you play with C4, planting explosives and waiting for someone to come near so you can trigger them with a detonator.

When you use mines or C4 in the game the devices will flash orange so that you do not forget their location; well, the C4 does any way. It also flashes orange on your teammate’s screen so they will know if they stand there they are surrounded by a bomb that might go boom.

So, guess what they do?

They stand their oblivious to the death trap or often times: they shoot the devices and kill themselves. Yes, time and time again I have laid mines down only to see a teammate stop to investigate it on the ground, aim his gun, and blow himself to high heaven. I could care less if they wanted to commit suicide, but the issue is: this not only affects their score it affects mine for having planted the bomb. Yep, I get blamed for the kill.

2. TEAMWORK – You are placed in squads, given communication tools, and have different skill classes within Battlefield: Bad Company all to have fun and to strategically use the brain to overcome some obstacles. Ninety-nine percent of the time, however, it is every man for themselves. I have, as of yet, come across any teammates who understand the concept of working together to achieve a goal.

I guess I am just unlucky not having any friends who own a PS3 to join up with in a squad before starting the game; so as not to be stuck with a bunch of bumbling strangers.

I like to have fun too, but it would be refreshing surprise to actually have fun as a successfully working together squad. As is I’ll be shooting it out with a bad guy and then someone in my own squad will move to stand right in front of me and my gunfire, oblivious to what the hell is going on.

1. HOWITZER IDIOTS – The Howitzer, if I spelled it correctly, is a big mortar shooting gun that is stationary at certain bases in the game Battlefield: Bad Company. Only one person per team can sit within this gun contraption at any given time. At the start of a round you will see most people go running for the gun.

Once on the gun your screen turns into a target system with the map on it and you get to bomb the locations of bad guys. Of course the bad guys will be coming after you to kill you on your gun as you sit there all vulnerable.

Often times a person will sit there on the gun, blowing the hell out of the countryside and not helping even one bit; this is not my gripe: have fun, whatever, even though it doesn’t help us win. However, what I find happens a lot is if you get on the gun one of your own teammates who wants to play on it will literally kill you to take it. Or if not kill you keep shooting at you so that you think you are under attack to get you to jump out of the gunner seat and then they quickly jump in.

To the morons who do this: what is the point? If you kill me while I am in that seat the game tells me who killed me, I re-spawn, come back to the gun, and just do the same thing to you as you sit in the little chair thinking you really pulled one over on someone. Hope you had fun with the one round of bombs you were able to blast off in that period of time.

This kind of activity promotes losing and a bad game overall because we’ll all get annoyed and through the entire battle every time we see each other: yep, more points taken off the score as we shoot teammates.