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Often times, gamers tend to neglect the small developers. They just buy or rent out games from Gamefly from the big guys like EA. In doing so, they tend to overlook hidden gems that are worth their time.

It’s definitely worth checking out the indie developers. I hear gripes all the time about EA and their universally hated drop box / loot system. Don’t even get started on NBA 2K.

If you’re frustrated with these big titles from established companies, check out under-the-radar, indie developers. In fact, Minecraft started out as an indie development that morphed into an indie hit. Then… well you know the rest. It’s easily the most successful indie game ever made. There’s a reason why Microsoft bought Minecraft.

It’s a legit hit. Speaking of mining games, here’s one to try:

I found Miner Dig Deep to be a simple, enjoyable and refreshing game.

Its simple yet addictive gameplay, unobtrusive soundtrack and easy going attitude have made it one of the most popular indie games found on Xbox live.

The goal of the game, as its title suggests, is to dig deep in search of ever more expensive ore. You can sell this ore and buy equipment which makes digging deeper and collecting ore much easier. Equipment can only be bought and ore can only be sold at the surface of the mine.

While mining If you are crushed by falling rocks or if you can’t find your way to the surface of the mine you can be transported to surface, but you forfeit all the ore you have collected. This adds a level of strategy to the game as poorly placed equipment can make travel times to the surface much longer than necessary and can also make returning to the surface with ore difficult.

The game offers many types of equipment to assist you: ladders help you climb up the mine, pick axes enable you to dig through the compact earth and extract ore, drills make short work of mining but require expensive fuel, among others.

Miner Dig Deep’ gameplay is very simple and straightforward. You can equip two pieces of equipment at a time, and can easily switch equipment via a simple in-game menu.

Each piece of equipment is assigned to one of two buttons. You can use the equipment to fulfill a variety of functions such as digging deeper into the mine, returning the miner to the surface, and lighting the mine to better see hidden resources.

It is the intuitive and seamless use of equipment that makes Miner Dig Deep so addicting. Anyone can pick up a controller and begin to dig deep. The ease of play makes Miner Dig Deep a very rewarding and relaxing experience.

Miner Dig Deep’s soundtrack is simple and unobtrusive. While playing it is barely noticeable. This makes Miner Dig Deep is a great venue for listening to your own soundtrack.

Miner Dig Deep’s graphics are simple and charming. They fit well with the games simple and unobtrusive design.

Miner Dig Deep can be found on the Xbox live indie marketplace for 80 Microsoft points. It is well worth the dollar spent!